Importance Of Spending Time With The Family

Spending time with the family is essential. I am not talking about sitting together in front of a TV for a night, but quality time doing something fun. Depending on how old your children are, it can be challenging to get them involved, but in reality it is always worth the extra effort. That is because spending time with your family can actually make a large difference in your child’s life. Here are just some of the ways that it can help both you and your children.

Increases The Family Bond

Any time that you are spending time with family, you are increasing your family bond. This is true no matter what you are doing. It doesn’t matter if you are on a vacation or simply sitting at home playing a board game or watching a movie. Just the act of doing something together will increase your bond and ensure that if your children have a problem in the future that they will come to you for help and advice.

Improve Academics

Not all parents realise it but when you spend more time with your kids, you will actually improve their performance in school. If you have a good relationship with them, you can help encourage them to study, congratulate them when they do well and support them and offer advice when they do poorly. You want your child to feel comfortable coming to you with questions about their schoolwork because this will improve their academic success, allowing them to get a better education and even a better job when they graduate.

Less Behavioural Issues

When you spend time with your family, chances are that they will feel more comfortable approaching you about any problems, whether they are academic or social. This means that they are much less likely to exhibit behavioural problems, not only because they will have the support to avoid these challenges, but also because they will not need to seek attention by acting out. Similarly, if you spend more time with your children, they are less likely to engage in violence when they get older and this includes both against others and self-harm.

Less Risk Of Drug Abuse

It is also true that youths who spend time with their families are less likely to abuse drugs and alcohol. That is because they are less likely to become frustrated with life if they can talk to you and other family members. This way, instead of turning to illegal substances to deal with their problems, they will ask you for help and advice.

Your Kids Will Be Better Parents

When you spend time with your family, you aren’t just helping your children; you are also helping your grandchildren. That is because young people tend to learn by example and if they are spending a lot of time with you, they will learn from what you do. That means that they will notice your parenting skills (sometimes unconsciously) and realise how helpful they were. They will then use these same skills when they have their own children, continuing the cycle of family bonding.

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